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Old Computers and Hard Drives Can Increase the Threat of Identity Theft It’s not uncommon for people to get rid of old computers or replace their hard drives when needs and technologies change. What many people don’t realize is getting rid of an old computer or hard drive can actually lead to identity theft. If you have a computer, chances are you’re going to replace at some point in the future. If you want to protect yourself from identity theft, there are a few things you should know.

Trust No One!  Deleted Doesn’t Really Mean Erased

You may think it’s easy to get rid of the information on your hard drive. Just delete it all and empty your trash can and you’re home free, right? Wrong! Even when you delete information from your computer, a simple data recovery program can get back all the information you deleted. If you really want to get rid of data on your computer that could put you at risk of identity theft, Special Waste Systems, Inc. provides hard drive destruction to meet your security requirements.

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