Universal Waste Recycling

The amount of mercury in a fluorescent lamp ranges between 3.5 to 15 milligrams, depending on the type of fluorescent lamp, the manufacturer, and when the fluorescent lamp was manufactured. Although lighting manufacturers have greatly reduced the amount of mercury used in lighting over the past 20 years, they are not yet able to completely eliminate the need for mercury.  Although the amount of mercury in a single fluorescent lamp is small, collectively, large numbers of fluorescent lamps contribute to the amount of mercury that is released into the environment. EPA encourages the recycling of all mercury-containing lamps.

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Did you know that when batteries are no longer usable they must be disposed of properly to prevent groundwater contamination.


Batteries, Ballasts, and electronic waste can contain mercury, lead, metals, and other materials which have a harmful effect on the environment if not recycled.

Special Waste Systems can help you Implement a Battery, Ballast, or electronics recycling program.  It is a simple and practical way to help your organization become “green”.  Contact our office at 1-866-669-9800 for more information.

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